Are you on a Reiki Quest?

Have you found that this word 'Reiki' keeps popping up in your life?
  You may have been vaguely aware of it, or maybe you hadn't heard it at all, but suddenly it is there all the time: in conversation with friends, in a magazine, in a book, on TV or in a leaflet you picked up at your local health food shop.  Perhaps it is the Japanese Kanji that keeps attracting your attention without you knowing why...

Someone may have told you it would be a good thing for you to receive or even to learn Reiki.  Perhaps they have learned Reiki themselves and know what benefits it can bring to your life.  You may have seen how it has helped them, perhaps you have even seen positive change in their life which they can only explain with "Well it was after I learned Reiki..."

If you already know you would like to receive or learn Reiki: call me on 01584 890 284

"Reiki has been more effective than any of the other complementary therapies I've been receiving. Reiki is nurturing, supportive and produces results"
                                                                                                                Jenny Bracelin, Business and Money Coach, Ludlow

Perhaps you have already learned Reiki
and at the time it was a wonderful experience and you were full of enthusiasm, but Life intervened and somehow you stopped practising.  But now that word seems to be back in your life and you feel there's something you need to do.

You may have been practising regularly, but you are feeling like there must be more - you are looking for something to help you take your next step, or maybe you are looking for support.

Perhaps you are wondering about making your living from Reiki, either through treatments or teaching, and are looking for guidance.

“If you would like to become a relaxed happy calm energised and balanced person then the Reiki course is a special gift to give yourself. Kate’s teaching is informative, caring by way of making all of her students feel capable and special.”

Whether you are new to Reiki or an 'old hand' I hope you will find something here that will help you to enjoy the gifts that Reiki can bring to our daily lives.

Here is an introduction to Reiki created by the Reiki Council.  You will also find on that page an interview I did with Martyn Lewis at ITN studios talking about the work of the Reiki Council.

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"I find the newsletters very informative and inspirational in the sense that reading them has helped me use Reiki better as well as understand and appreciate it."

Helen, West Midlands
"I love receiving your newsletters and often find they "hit the spot"!
Sylvia, Shropshire    

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Now, where next?

Find out more about receiving Reiki treatment

Find out more about learning Reiki

Find out what support I offer for Reiki students

Another gift: Whether you are new to Reiki or have been practising for a while, I would like to offer you a Free Gift of a copy of the Reiki Priniciples, to print off and enjoy.  Click Here to download them.

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