So What is Reiki?

Reiki treatment is:

Safe – there are no known contra-indications. Reiki treatments can be received for example during pregnancy, while undergoing treatment for cancer or other medical treatment.

Gentle - there is no manipulation or strong pressure involved, the practitioners hands are placed gently in contact with the body in a series of pre-determined hand positions that cover the major organs and areas where stress is held in the body. The practitioners hands frequently have a soothing, warming effect that many people find very comforting.

Non-intrusive – you receive treatment fully clothed, you can also be covered with a blanket, with the practitioners hands resting on top. There is no medication or anything else to swallow, no substances are put on the skin. Just a warm, gentle touch.

Flexible – no special equipment is required, treatment can be given in a dedicated treatment room or in a hospital bed. Clients usually lie down to receive treatment, but Reiki treatment can also be given to someone sitting in a chair. The time of the treatment is usually around an hour, but this can be reduced or extended according to need. For example Reiki could be given to someone in a hospital bed, without needing to disturb the patient and for a shorter time if there are other treatments that also need to take place.

People who receive Reiki report:

Relaxation - many people fall asleep during the treatment and some report that they did not know what relaxation really was until they had received a Reiki treatment. People who enjoy the last part of a yoga class where you lie still and relaxed for several minutes will generally enjoy Reiki!

“I realised I had never relaxed before in my whole life. This was the first experience of true relaxation. The Reiki treatments are very beneficial, Kate is really good at what she does."

Better pain management - being more relaxed often helps reduce the experience of pain. Touch can also be soothing. Reiki treatments encourage relaxation and involve touch so often lead to reduced pain. People also find that their mental state improves, so even if there is still pain it is more bearable.

"[I] have given Colin several treatments... I forgot to take his painkillers on holiday but thanks to Reiki he managed without and hopefully will continue to do so"

Reduced anxiety - People often report feeling less anxious after Reiki treatments and a series of treatments can often bring about a mental or emotional shift which leads to reduced anxiety in daily life. The increased energy that Reiki offers could be the reason for this, as we find situations more difficult to deal with when we are tired (think about how young children get upset more easily when they are tired)

"I do not pretend to understand how Reiki works but it has helped to protect and strengthen me through a particularly stressful time. The combination of good Reiki and Kate's warm and wise personality is a powerful force. At its worst - calming and grounding; at its best, a way of improving health and developing a deeper understanding of yourself. Highly recommended!"

Reduced depression - Sometimes life just gets overwhelming and it can become increasingly difficult to do anything. Depression may result from a particular event or trauma, such as the loss of a loved one, or may result from childhood experiences that are difficult to deal with. The comforting touch offered by Reiki treatments helps to soothe and calm the mind and body. People often experience a lifting of spirits through Reiki treatment and it is achieved without the need to talk, which is sometimes difficult during depression.

"... the reiki that you gave me... has helped to restore balance and energy back into my life and has made me feel a lot better in the grieving process. Your support, dedication, compassion and understanding has helped me through this dark period in my life - I am beginning to see a glimmer of light on the horizon. For that, thank you is not enough."

Improved sleep - Not only do people who receive Reiki treatments often fall asleep during the session, they frequently find that their sleep is improved afterwards. Some people have found Reiki treatment has helped them to overcome chronic sleep problems. Better sleep leads to all kinds of health benefits including more energy, better mood and less anxiety to name a few.

"I haven't slept so well for the last ten years! And I am in consequence able to manage my chronic pain so much better"

Enhanced well being - Better sleep, less pain, improved mood and feeling more relaxed are all very helpful in feeling healthier and happier. Reiki treatments help people to become more balanced and this enhances the sense of well being.

" [After four daily Reiki treatments] I feel more grounded, calmer and energetic - I have a more positive attitude to life. Well worth trying and well worth treating yourself to the concentrated dose!"I feel more grounded, calmer and energetic - I have a more positive attitude to life. Well worth trying and well worth treating yourself to the concentrated dose!"

Stronger self esteem - When a person is happy and healthy they have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for life. This leads to better confidence and self esteem. When we are no longer in a stressful state our creativity increases which can be applied to many different aspects of life, not just the creative arts.

"During my reiki journey with Kate, she has enabled me to come to terms with life experiences... I have found a great emotional release and have a positive attitude towards the future. The reiki treatments have had a profound effect on me. At last I have found peace and happiness. There is much love and light in my life."

 I practice and teach the system of Reiki known as Usui Shiki Ryoho . The teachings of this tradition have been passed to me through a lineage of wise teachers, from the founder Mikao Usui, who lived in Japan in the late 1800s to early 1900s. My lineage is:
  • Mikao Usui who taught
  • Chujiro Hayashi who taught
  • Hawayo Takata who taught
  • Wanja Twan who taught
  • Martha Sylvester who taught
  • me!

Recent research has shown that Reiki significantly improved the mood and heart rate variability of patients within 72 hours of a heart attack.  Read more.

People often report improved mood when receiving Reiki:

"I have found it very helpful in times of stress, as I feel I am gaining support from the universe/God/my surroundings, whatever one's personal belief system is."

"I feel so much better generally and feel things are on the way to an improvement. Reiki will definately improve the quality of your life."

"it seems that Reiki really is a tool that you can use for becoming more conscious and happy."

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