Meet Kate Online to explore Reiki Practice

From time to time I offer online webinars and the opportunity to meet with me via video link.

I am offering a free webinar at 1900 GMT on 1 August 2019 about the 3 Phases of Reiki Practice: Folk Art, Public Practice and Professional Practice. 

If you are not in the UK you can find out what this is in your local time zone here

I began treating members of the public just a few months after learning 2nd degree.  I held it as being professional, but from what I learned later I have realised that I was not at all prepared for professional practice.

The understanding of these three phases of practice came from several Public Practice conferences I attended in the USA and UK.  I found these descriptions very helpful as I progressed in my Reiki career.  I hope they will also help you to gain insight into your own Reiki practice - and also the potential you also hold.

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You are invited to make a donation to acknowledge the value of the webinar to you and to support more taking place in the future.  Thank you.