What People Say About Receiving Reiki Treatments

with Kate Jones Reiki Master

"I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I felt yesterday evening - cool and chilled out... I slept 7 hours straight through, which is pretty much unheard-of recently."

"I was exhausted by increasingly severe migraines, side effects of medication and discovery of hearing loss. I found four daily sessions extremely powerful. I was aware of the changes following each session. I feel more grounded, calmer and energetic - I have a more positive attitude to life. Well worth trying and well worth treating yourself to the concentrated dose!"

“I came to Kate for help with a physical injury but she has succeeded in helping me heal on many levels. After the first treatment, I felt much calmer and slept soundly that night. 

“I’m doing more of the things that I want to do, rather than what I ought to do. I feel much more positive about life as a whole. Reiki is powerful! The reiki treatments have transformed my life. 

“During my reiki journey with Kate, she has enabled me to come to terms with life experiences... I have found a great emotional release and have a positive attitude towards the future. The reiki treatments have had a profound effect on me. At last I have found peace and happiness. There is much love and light in my life.

“Kate Jones is a very special lady and it’s an honour to know her. She is full of compassion, very easy to talk to and has a great energy for life.

“The physio at [work] was so impressed with how my healing accelerated after I’d started having regular reiki treatments, that she left her job and decided to undergo reiki training herself.”

"I do not pretend to understand how Reiki works but it has helped to protect and strengthen me through a particularly stressful time. The combination of good Reiki and Kate's warm and wise personality is a powerful force. At its worst - calming and grounding; at its best, a way of improving health and developing a deeper understanding of yourself. Highly recommended!"

"It is a treatment that needs to be experienced to know what it is like, as it's impossible to describe. How do you explain the taste of ice-cream? I have found it very helpful in times of stress, as I feel I am gaining support from the universe/God/my surroundings, whatever one's personal belief system is."

“I realised I had never relaxed before in my whole life. This was the first experience of true relaxation. The Reiki treatments are very beneficial, Kate is really good at what she does. She has helped me deal with various issues, and I am SO much better!"

"I believe Reiki helped me in the recovery from a major eye operation. You don't have to believe in it to benefit from it. Reiki works for animals too...Kate gave Reiki to my little dog Molly when she was much more ill than we knew. When we took her for tests diabetis was at levels that would have left much bigger dogs in a state of collapse,the consultant vet was amazed that Molly had walked through the door wagging her tail. I really put this down to the Reiki that Kate gave to her."

"I still have Interstitial Cystitis but I feel so much better generally and feel things are on the way to an improvement. Reiki will definitely improve the quality of your life."

"I felt quite run down and stressed. I feel a lot better, have loads more energy and am coping much better with stress levels. I am finding the Reiki Sessions more relaxing as time goes on."

"Kate, thank you for the Reiki that you gave me, it has helped to restore balance and energy back into my life and has made me feel a lot better in the grieving process. Your support, dedication, compassion and understanding has helped me through this dark period in my life - I am beginning to see a glimmer of light on the horizon. For that, thank you is not enough." 

"I love it! I find each treatment is like a journey into self that enables me to deal with issues and blocks that are preventing me from living to my full potential as a human being."

"Life changing. It is now part of my life. Give yourself a present and the opportunity to open different paths.”

"I would say that there is no doubt that they would benefit in some way/ways from a series of Reiki treatments and if they lived in or around Ludlow that Kate Jones would be the person to contact for the treatments. They would not be disappointed!"

"It's a treatment that is very calming and helps you settle into your body more, where you can feel your own energy's flow,a long with the universal energy available for us all. Giving a sense of ones flow aligned. If you're wanting muscle releasing and bone alignment or acupressure type bodywork it won't meet your needs. But if you're wanting something to help you feel supported, nurtured and in the zone of love and universal energy, Reiki is the one.."

"I had a solid right arm from working and over tensing it. Well, I don't have a solid right arm any more thankfully! I am definitely calmer and more balanced - although that's still a work in progress! My self esteem has grown and my mental health has improved, I'm not such a living pain body any more! Also, it seems that Reiki really is a tool that you can use for becoming more conscious and happy."

"I have been doing reiki now for over 18 months, and learnt 2nd degree this year. Like everyone else I have found it very beneficial, feeling more relaxed and peaceful.

Surprisingly, reiki has cured my tinnitus. It was about 9 months before I noticed any difference. I would advise anyone to persevere with any problem they have. I am glad I did. I am now working on my back and knees."

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