Feeling tired, anxious, stressed or low?

When you feel this way you need something that is comforting, relaxing, soothing and simple. Reiki treatments offer all of these.

For a Reiki treatment you don’t need to undress, talk (unless you need to), or do anything other than lie comfortably and receive a gentle warming touch to a series of un-intrusive positions. You can even go to sleep and it won’t interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment. There is no massage or manipulation, nothing to ingest. Reiki is therefore safe (including during pregnancy) and can help to restore peace of mind, foster relaxation and help you to feel calmer and more positive.

So when a holiday is out of the question, try an hour of Reiki treatment to restore your mental and emotional balance.

Sounds good?

Then read on...

Life is often so pressured that it is too easy to forget to take care of yourself

This can lead to a gradual slide (or sometimes a rapid tumble) into exhaustion, stress and a chronic state of just surviving. You can find you are more anxious, have difficulty relaxing and don't sleep well.  Whey you are anxious, tired and irritable life feels altogether more difficult and it is easy to make mistakes or have an accident. You may have some form of pain that contributes to your exhaustion. You may simply feel world weary and that your ‘get up and go’ has gone.

When you feel like this it is often difficult to do anything about it. You don’t want to be poked or prodded, you don’t want to undress in front of strangers, you don’t want to have to remember anything, like taking pills, to feel better.  Reiki is beautifully simple: there are no pills or remedies to take, no exercises to remember, no uncomfortable intrusions on your body.

"I realised I had never relaxed before in my whole life. This was the first experience of true relaxation. ....the Reiki treatments are very beneficial, Kate is really good at what she does. She has helped me deal with various issues, and I am SO much better!"                                      Ester, Stained Glass Artist, Birmingham


Reiki treatment is gentle, 

un-intrusive and relaxing

You lie on a comfortable couch, fully clothed and covered with a blanket if you wish.  The Reiki practitioner places their hands gently on your head, abdomen and back in a comforting and un-intrusive series of hand positions. The touch will often feel very warm, assisting your relaxation like a hot water bottle. You may drift off to sleep or you may stay awake.   Your mind may become calm and relaxed or the treatment  may give you a space to quietly think about a problem.

People receiving Reiki often tell me they feel deeply relaxed, sometimes they fall asleep during treatment.  Being more relaxed and good sleep are known to help to ease pain and many people who receive Reiki have found it has helped, such as the following experiences:

"[I] have given Colin several treatments... I forgot to take his painkillers on holiday but thanks to Reiki he managed without and hopefully will continue to do so"

"I haven't slept so well for the last ten years!  And I am in consequence able to manage my chronic pain so much better"

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If you are a Reiki practitioner you already know how good a Reiki treatment feels: when did you last give yourself this wonderful experience by receiving a treatment yourself?  Isn't it about time?  What better way is there to support yourself in your Reiki practice?

So how much Reiki would I need?
If you have an acute problem (such as a recent injury) or are only slightly stressed or overwrought a single treatment might help to you to heal and restore balance.  If your problem is more long-standing a series of treatments is likely to be more beneficial.  Reiki help some people to achieve a new sense of calm, to worry less and re-discover the joy in life.  I advise people to start with 4 treatments to see how Reiki can help you.  This is sometimes done over 4 consecutive days:

"I was exhausted by increasingly severe migraines, side effects of medication and discovery of hearing loss. I found four daily sessions extremely powerful. I was aware of the changes following each session. I feel more grounded, calmer and energetic - I have a more positive attitude to life. Well worth trying and well worth treating yourself to the concentrated dose!"

So What is Reiki?

Where can I get treatments?  And the cost?