Reiki Fund:

Would you like to support others to receive Reiki?

If you have received Reiki you know how much it can benefit people.  However many of those who need it most are on a low income, so cannot afford to try it.  Would you like to help them receive Reiki?

The idea of the Reiki fund was born when a Reiki student of mine, who had been saving up for Second Degree, decided that she did not wish to take her Reiki training any further as she felt she already had all she needed with First Degree.  She decided that she would like to put the money that had been saved up to that point towards helping (in her own words):

"someone or some animal who cannot afford Reiki treatment. This would give me a great deal of pleasure knowing someone who really needs treatment could benefit from your skills."

I was touched and grateful for her offer and a suitable person to benefit from this soon appeared - and interestingly both donor and recipient are artists.  I was delighted to be able to offer this Reiki and the fact that someone was willing to help in this way meant a great deal to the recipient and I believe was significant in her healing.  Receiving support from the world around you instead of continual depletion can make a huge difference!

One of my other students heard about this story and her response was:

"I really feel the subsidised treatments are a fantastic idea ..... It really is a win win situation and it would be wonderful to help in this way. Unfortunately it is sometimes those with the least means who have the most need, and I can understand it must be very hard for you in this situation - however, this would also enable people to give to others in a way that they would otherwise be unable to."

This led me to open 'the Reiki Fund' - to support those most in need of Reiki who are less able to pay.

I will be asking the person receiving the Reiki for a contribution they can afford to show their commitment to their healing.  The rest of the fee will be topped up from the Reiki Fund.  The money in the fund will be kept aside until it is needed for this purpose.

If you would like to help those on a low income to receive Reiki you are invited to donate to the fund.  If you would prefer to send a cheque or have any questions please contact me.

Thank you - from me and also from those who will benefit from receiving Reiki.