Past Events 2009

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Here are details of some of the events that have taken place.

Releasing Positive Emotions with Reiki

Do you experience joy in your life? If you find happiness elusive it may be that you have stored emotions from the past holding you back. Powerful emotions such as grief and anger can be difficult to deal with at the time they occur, so instead we often shift them into our unconscious, for possible attention later. Unfortunately this can cause blocks that impair our health.

Using the philosophy of Hawaiian healers, who understood how we store certain ‘negative’ emotions in our glands, we will use focussed Reiki to help release these blocks, allowing your joy, creativity and life energy to flow more freely.

This workshop will give you an experience of how powerfully Reiki can work on the emotional level. It is aimed at benefiting you and also to give you understanding that may be helpful when treating others.

Many students have found it beneficial to attend this workshop more than once, as each time another layer is shifted.

What participants of this workshop thought:

"I switched to having people work on the gland that freed up genius, fulfilment and creativity and I don't feel it is entirely unrelated that shortly after this I have managed to find (and be successful in getting!) a job which suits me well, offers new opportunities and has indeed freed up my enthusiasm, creativity and positivity - Thank you!"

"This is the second Releasing Positive Emotions workshop I have attended. I enjoyed listening to Kate, asking questions (from us all) the practical experience (wonderful) and the time given for feedback. A very good course."                                                                                              

"An interesting and thought provoking workshop. I can see why people wanted to repeat the session."     

 "Found the whole day very calming and mood lifting. Loved the whole group: very kind caring people. Came away feeling very happy and have had a much more positive outlook since, everything looks brighter! Have slept much better since."

"The day helped me to ground myself, to get back to my centre. The main feeling I had afterwards was one of calm and strength - very welcome and part of my continuing journey towards full health and uncovering what constitutes my life. Learning to trust this doesn't always come easily to me, so I welcome all the opportunities that come my way to get support from others."                         

"I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the obvious trust that everyone was prepared to put in everyone around them."

Reiki Summer Camp 

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Reiki for Animals at Woodgate Valley Urban Farm, Birmingham

2009: The weather was awful, but the welcome from the staff at Woodgate Valley Urban Farm was warm!  We were able to work indoors most of the time (including in the goat shed!) and when we needed to go outside the rain stopped.  This was the first workshop held at this venue and we were delighted with the opportunities for learning about treating animals it presented.  We treated a goat, a very elderly sheep (who was not part of the plan, but made it clear he wanted to receive some Reiki!), rabbits and chickens.

Here's what participants thought:

"A lovely day even tho it was a bit damp. To practice Reiki with such friendly accepting animals very therapeutic."

"I thought the day was excellent, everyone was friendly and although I would have passed on holding the rabbits a

nd fowl I am glad I did have hands on, thank  you Kate.  I look forward to another similar event."

"The classroom was great, perfect forthe day and quite homely.  It reawakened my love for animals and the joy of seeing them as kind of pure beings.  I learnt some stuff I didn't expect."

Here are some pictures of our day:

Reiki for Animals at Oak Barn, Shropshire

The weather is always kind to us on our day in the lovely Shropshire countryside at Oak Barn Centre.  We have several ponies who enjoy Reiki to practice on.  

"[I enjoyed] the company, learning new skills, spending time with like-minded people."

Here are some pictures from 2009