Have you learned Reiki but wish you had the confidence to practice more?

You’ve done your first Reiki course and it was wonderful. You started out with lots of enthusiasm, wanting to give Reiki to the whole world!

But then you find that practising is not as easy as you thought it would be. People don’t want to have Reiki from you. You’re not sure you remember the right hand positions to use. You even, perhaps, begin to doubt that Reiki is even real, or that you can really do it.

Reiki is simple to learn and should be easy to practice, so why is it sometimes so challenging?

You know that Reiki can really benefit your life, like Reiki student Jenny:

"I do not pretend to understand how Reiki works but it has helped to protect and strengthen me through a particularly stressful time. At its worst - calming and grounding; at its best, a way of improving health and developing a deeper understanding of yourself. Highly recommended!"
                                                                                          Jenny, Birmingham 

You have your own experiences like this and want so much to share Reiki with others.

But sometimes you just feel the need for some more guidance to help you feel confident. You may wonder how to get the chance to give Reiki to other people. You may struggle to give yourself daily self treatment. Perhaps you want to give Reiki to animals but don’t know how.

You might even want to make your living with Reiki. Most of all you would like to get back to that place of enthusiasm you once had, when it seemed so easy and exciting, so you can really begin to enjoy your Reiki again.

Here you will find many different ways to receive support, so that you re-kindle that enthusiasm and find the richness that using Reiki in your life can bring.

 “Any occasion which encourages us to appreciate ourselves and our lives a little bit more is always a good thing. Kate is brilliant at providing opportunities for us to learn more about our strengths and abilities. I always feel that I have grown a little after spending time in Kate’s company.”
Larraine, Birmingham 

"Thank you so much for teaching me Reiki.  It has been a real support and comfort over the years.  I have particularly enjoyed the extra workshops covering different aspects of the discipline, which have enabled me to deepen my understanding and relationship with Reiki."
                                                                                        Barbara Johnson, Edinburgh

Here's a start: the Reiki principles are a wonderful guide for living a happy and healthy life with Reiki. You could pick one and try living it, just for today.... Click Here for a FREE copy of the Reiki Principles to download, print off and enjoy.

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 "I find the newsletters very informative and inspirational in the sense that reading them has helped me use Reiki better as well as understand and appreciate it." Helen, West Midlands

 "I love receiving your newsletters and often find they "hit the spot"!
                                                                                             Sylvia, Shropshire

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You can start today: One of the best things you can do to learn more about Reiki is to give yourself a Reiki treatment every day.  If you struggle to do this may I suggest my e-book: 'The Gift of Reiki for Yourself': click here to find out more

And something else: Phyllis Furumoto (grand-daughter of Hawayo Takata and Lineage Bearer of Usui Shiki Ryoho) interviewed me for her internet radio show "Reiki: Form and Essence".  If you would like to hear me in conversation with her, CLICK HERE to listen to the programme.

You will find various interesting discussions about Reiki on other programmes. They can be found at http://www.reikitalkshow.com/ and past shows are at www.7th Wave Network under the Phyllis Lei Furumoto show. 

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