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New Blog space

I have found that it isn't easy for people to interact with my current blog host, so I've started a new one.  Hopefully this one will make it easier for your to leave comments and also for interaction with Twitter and Facebook (which I understand is the way to connect these days!).

So do come along and let me know what you are thinking about my thoughts...


New Venue for Reiki Sessions!

I am delighted to announce that I will soon be offering Reiki in Cleobury Mortimer at Kim Stanley Health and Beauty on the main street.  I will be there from 5 April on alternate Thursdays 3.30 pm - 7.30 pm - other times and days may become available.  The fee will be £40 for a 90 minute session, shorter sessions/lower fees by arrangement.  Call me for an appointment! 01584 890 284.

Offering Reiki to the Public

Last week (27 January) there was an important meeting between the Reiki Council and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council which brought a national register of Reiki practitioners very much closer.  I will be including an update on these latest developments in my forthcoming workshop Offering Reiki Treatments to the Public on 11th February at Central England College, Kings Heath Birmingham.  There are still a few places left, so if you're interested please have a look at the page.



I've just signed up with Miessence, whose products I have been using for years because they are really good for someone like me who is sensitive to a lot of harsh chemicals.  After an allergic reaction to a foaming face wash I became unable to use any product containing SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate).  I also found it difficult to find a deodorant that I didn't react to.  At Miessence I found both shampoos and body washes I could use and an effective deodorant that was also good for my skin!

Ordering is easy through the website and I have always found the products are delivered in good time.

My first e-book now available!

My first e-book "The Gift of Reiki for Yourself" is now available.  I am grateful to all who have helped bring it to this stage, including the students who contributed in so many ways, Helen for proof reading and my husband Alec who helped solve some technical difficulties!

You will find more about it here: e-book

Reiki Workshops for the Autumn/Winter

Here are 3 opportunities for me to share with you more about Reiki this Autumn/Winter

Releasing Positive Emotions - if you are interested in exploring how Reiki can work with the emotions this is an ideal workshop.

The Gift of Self Treatment - an opportunity to spend time with other Reiki people exploring the gifts of Reiki self treatment, to be reminded of hand positions and explore why we often don't take the 30 minutes for ourselves this practice requires.  A great preparation for the busy Christmas period!

Offering Reiki treatments to the public - one-day introductory workshop.  Several people who were unable to come to the weekends I offered earlier this year have requested a one-day introduction, so here it is!  As the year turns, this is an ideal opportunity to reflect on where Reiki could take you...

Meet Martha

Reiki students will have the opportunity to meet my Reiki Master Martha Sylvester on 8 October in Cleobury Mortimer.  It will be an informal day of Reiki sharing, time for questions, a shared lunch, tea and cakes!  More details to follow.

Film about Reiki and Interview with Martyn Lewis

Here is the film about Reiki I helped to make last summer which received its first screening at the CAM Expo on 23 October and was shown at the NHS Alliance conference on 18 - 19 November.  A small extract of the film was also shown at a dinner at Clarence House, hosted by Prince Charles on 8th July as part of a 5 minute feature on integrated health.  You will see me towards the end of the film talking about the Reiki Council.  Also in the film is Dr Rosy Daniel, former director of the Bristol Cancer Centre, talking about how beneficial Reiki can be for cancer patients.

The Reiki Council was also given the opportunity to have an interview filmed with Martyn Lewis at ITN studios in London and I was nominated to do the talking!  So here it is:

Musings on Living with Reiki: Kate's Reiki Blog

After many months - or even years - resisting having a blog I have finally taken the plunge!   I thought it would be too great a commitment, but having been sharing my thoughts through my newsletter for a couple of years now and receiving very positive responses from people I realised that there could be something to say in a blog! 

And on Facebook!

I have also set up a page on Facebook: click here to view it.  So if you have friends on Facebook you would like to introduce to what I offer, please do send them along.  I have also set up a discussion page, so if there's something to do with Reiki you's like to chat about let me know.

Interview for Phyllis' Radio Show while in Arizona

While I was visiting her in Arizona recently Phyllis interviewed me again for her radio show Balancing Form and Essence.  It was broadcast on 21 January.  You can listen to it here: http://www.reikitalkshow.com/shows/view/61/archive_page:1

DVD of Phyllis talking about her illness

Phyllis has produced a DVD talking about her cancer diagnosis and treatment.  I have received a copy and will be organising opportunities for people to see it once I get back from visiting her.  Please let me know if  you would be interested to see it.

January 2010: A Big Adventure

In early January I will be travelling to Arizona to give Reiki treatments to Phyllis.  I am looking forward to the experience of giving treatments on a daily basis for 14 days or so.  I also enjoy travelling to new places and hope to have some time to do some writing while I'm there.  I am grateful for the support that is helping me to make this trip.

December 2009: My First 'Pay What You Can' Workshop

In December I offered the workshop "Reiki: The Gift of Self Treatment" in Birmingham and Ludlow on a 'Pay What You Can' basis.  This means those who attended had the opportunity to pay whatever they could afford.  The workshop was an exploration of Reiki self treatment: what it means for us, revision of hand positions and a practice alongside other Reiki folks.  There was also be a chance to ask questions.  The workshops went well and I am planning to do more in 2010.

Gift Vouchers

I have just added a new page offering gift vouchers for Reiki treatments, courses, workshops or mentoring.  Have a look by clicking here.  I have also added a new 'Shop' page.  Both pages offer easy payment through Paypal, so you can pay by credit card, debit card or from a Paypal account.

New Website for Phyllis' Radio Show

If you have listened to the interview with me on Phyllis' radio show (see below) you will have heard her mention that her show 'Balancing Form and Essence' was moving to a new website.  The show is therefore now available at: http://www.reikitalkshow.com/

Kate on Phyllis' Radio Show (again!)

I was very honoured to be asked by Phyllis Furumoto to appear again on her web-based radio show 'Reiki: Balancing Form and Essence'.  Last time I was on the programme we pre-recorded the interview: this time it was live!  This was somewhat nerve-racking and also the fact that we were doing it over the phone instead of in person.  However I found it was a lovely opportunity to connect with Phyllis, who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  If you would like to listed to our chat you can find it on the 7th Wave network website, the programme for 20th August.

Revised NOS have now been published

I was involved with the creation of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Reiki practitioners several years ago.  This was a very interesting experience and I learned a lot about different styles of Reiki and how we all hold a common passion for Reiki.

Following on from that I became involved with the Reiki Regularoty Working Group which has now become the Reiki Council.  I represented first The Reiki Association and now the Reiki Alliance (UK members).

Last year it was decided that the NOS of several complementary therapies, Reiki included, should be reviewed.  It was noted that there was a lot of repetition in the different NOS for the differing disciplines (therapies) and it was proposed to create a generic NOS to cover the areas where there is overlap and then have a section for more specific information about each discipline.

I was elected to represent the Reiki Council at some of these meetings and have enjoyed meeting experienced practitioners from different disciplines such as Homeopathy, Nutrition, Aromatherapy and Shiatsu.  We found that we did indeed have much common ground and the generic NOS was drafted.  Just before Christmas there was also a meeting of Reiki folk to draft the Reiki specific element.

What some people misunderstand is that their practice is somehow going to be controlled as a result of these documents.  This is not the case.  The NOS are about setting standards for those working with the public.  It is about ensuring that people's experience of Reiki treatments is good and that practitioners know their responsibilities.

The NOS have now been approved.

Generic NOS
Reiki Specific NOS