Becoming a Reiki Master

The next step?

Now you have been practising Reiki for some years you are looking for your next step.  You will have done First and Second degrees of Reiki and been practising on yourself and others for a while.  Many people feel that to continue their Reiki journey the next step is to become a Reiki Master.  But is this really right for you?

Becoming a Reiki Master does not make you a better Reiki Practitioner.  It does not give you any more tools to use in treatments.  The tools it does give you are for teaching (in Usui Shiki Ryoho).  If you feel would like to be able to teach other people to do Reiki then this may well be your next step.

So how do you become a Reiki Master?  In Usui Shiki Ryoho the preparation to become a Master is not a short course like the other levels.  As with anything you are going to teach, you need to know your subject really well to be a good teacher.  The preparation to be a Reiki  Master is therefore more like an apprenticeship that takes place over at least a year.  During that time you may be asked to attend other courses that will help you to grow and develop, so that you are ready to hold the responsibility of being a Reiki Master of this system.

Click here for a document that poses some of the questions you need to consider if you are thinking about becoming a Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho.

I have not yet initiated a Reiki Master, however having been teaching Reiki for over 20 years I now feel ready to accept a Master candidate and help a student to prepare for the honour of being a Reiki master. 

I feel this may be right for me: what do I do next? 

If you are wondering about becoming a Reiki Master, please contact me to discuss any questions you may have and find out what to do next.