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Film about Reiki and Interview with Martyn Lewis

Here is the film about Reiki I helped to make last summer which received its first screening at the CAM Expo on 23 October and was shown at the NHS Alliance conference on 18 - 19 November.  A small extract of the film was also shown at a dinner at Clarence House, hosted by Prince Charles on 8th July as part of a 5 minute feature on integrated health.  You will see me towards the end of the film talking about the Reiki Council.  Also in the film is Dr Rosy Daniel, former director of the Bristol Cancer Centre, talking about how beneficial Reiki can be for cancer patients.

The Reiki Council was also given the opportunity to have an interview filmed with Martyn Lewis at ITN studios in London and I was nominated to do the talking!  So here it is:

Hear me in conversation with Phyllis Furumoto

I have been interviewed on a few occasions by Phyllis Furumoto for her internet radio show "Reiki: Balancing Form and Essence" Our first conversation was about Reiki community and Reiki as a public practice - including current developments in the UK with regard to Reiki practitioners working publicly, which you can listen to HERE.  

You can hear other interviews with me and a whole host of interesting Reiki people on the radio show website - which I recommend listening to if you are interested in learning more about Reiki:

Reiki Home

For some years now there has been discussion in the international Reiki community about having a place that could be a centre for the practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and also support the practice of Reiki in general world-wide.  Alongside this came the idea of buying a ranch in Arizona, close to where Phyllis Furumoto lives currently.

These ideas have gained momentum in the past year and the dream to buy Kenyon Ranch feels closer.

Find out more at

Video about Reiki in a Hospital

Here is a video about the use of Reiki at University College Hospital, London (UK) for patients with cancer.  Click Here to watch.  It includes interviews with staff and patients and shows how Reiki helps people emotionally as well as physically.

Help for your Animal

In addition to offering Reiki to people, I also treat animals.  I am also trained as an Animal Communicator, which can be very helpful when there is a problem.  If you would like to know how I could help you with your animal please click here.


If you would like to do some Reiki shopping I have a few articles for sale: Reiki badges, Reiki principles postcards, Reiki quillows.  Please More information.

Treatment Couches

I am often asked about how to choose a treatment couch.  My own couch is a Starlight, which is very light and portable.  It was a big investment, but I have found it well worth the money.  There is a useful article about choosing a couch on their website:

One thing to bear in mind when choosing a couch for giving Reiki is that you need to be able to sit comfortably at the end: many massage couches have some kind of blockage at the end, usually a support strut, making it impossible to get your knees under the couch.  This can be very uncomfortable and you need to think about taking care of your back by having the best posture, not twisting or leaning too much.


Here are other websites you might like to visit (just click on the titles).

The Reiki Association

The Reiki Alliance

Website of Phyllis Furumoto Lineage Bearer of Usui Shiki Ryoho

Dragon Spring Taiji - founded by Alec Jones (my husband) - for taiji classes in South Birmingham and Ludlow.  Alec has over 25 years of taiji teaching experience and he's very good (but then I am biased)!

Oak Barn Centre: venue of many of my local events, run by Reiki friend Polly Bolton

Poulstone Court Retreat Centre: a beautiful retreat venue in Herefordshire run by a longstanding Reiki mate of mine!