Learning Reiki will give you the ability to give healing to yourself,  your family and friends, animals and plants.

Reiki helps your body to have the energy it needs to heal more quickly from accidental injuries like burns and cuts or even a broken bone.  It has also been reported to help with more chronic problems that may cause you frequent pain or distress.  You will find that with daily self treatment you will begin to feel better, physically and emotionally.  It will help you to deal with stress and make positive choices that affect your health and well-being.

"Thank you so much again for all your hard work you gave us during my first degree Reiki course last month. I thoroughly enjoyed it but not only that I felt I got a lot from it emotionally as well as physically. I couldn't say during the course but I had been suffering from a few private ailments at the time which had been lingering for weeks, they all cleared up during the course and haven't returned which has been fantastic!

Just to give you an update, I have continued to offer Reiki to my partner and he has reported an over-all sense of a more relaxed frame of mind, he has fallen asleep every time I have done Reiki on him too! He suffers greatly from stress as well as stomach problems, so we are working to see if Reiki can improve his over-all health but he seems happy to give it a try whether it works or not! I have also continued to do self Reiki which has really helped me to relax, I've had some quite stressful times lately and Reiki has really helped with getting to sleep and the headaches I've had. Literally just yesterday I had a really bad headache for most of the day and when I finally found time to try some self Reiki it went within minutes, I was amazed. I also fell straight asleep!"

  Laura, Worcester        

Now you might think that learning to practice this form of healing will be difficult and time consuming and that you might not be able to practice it without lots of effort.  You might think you need to have special qualities or a prior healing ability.

The good news is that Reiki is easy to learn
(I have taught  children as young as 5 years old)

A common question is: "But will I be able to learn?  Surely you need to have special qualities or skills?" The answer to this is that you do not need to be anyone special or have any healing ability at all to learn Reiki.  If you have a desire to learn, the chances are you will be able to.  I teach according to the oral tradition, so you do not need to take notes or learn pages of information.  You will learn through watching, listening and hands-on practice.

Ordinary people just like you have benefited from learning Reiki.

I have been teaching Reiki since 1991
having taught over 900 people Reiki in those years.  I still enjoy sharing my experience and love of Reiki with students.  The relationship continues after the course as I am available to offer you continuing help and support if you need it.  When you wish to go deeper in your practice of Reiki, I also teach Second Degree Reiki which gives you more tools to use with Reiki.

"I must admit, a lot has changed for me since the course and I am finding Reiki to be
so valuable.  I use it everyday and I feel it to be a brilliant investment."

Penny, Stourbridge


If you would like to talk with or have treatment from one of my students, I have taught in: Birmingham, Coventry, Stratford-Upon Avon, Leamington Spa, Walsall, Glasgow, Milngavie, Beith and Dalry (Ayrshire), Merrymeet (Cornwall), Derby, Clee St Margaret, Ludlow and Clee Hill (Shropshire)!  


Thank you for the Reiki weekend which has already changed my life.  I am feeling 100% better and still have (mostly!) my aura of calmness.  I have been practicing every day and have given Colin several treatments also which he very much appreciates.  I forgot to take his painkillers on holiday but thanks to Reiki he managed without and hopefully will continue to do so.

Joyce, Beith in Ayrshire  

If you have not experienced Reiki I recommend you receive a treatment before learning.  If you live in the West Midlands you could come to my Reiki Share at Central England Holistic Therapies Centre, Kings Heath, Birmingham.  If you live in Shropshire I hold a regular Share in Ludlow.  At a Reiki Share people who have learned Reiki give each other treatments in a group.  Those who have not learned yet are welcome and will also receive some treatment. 

"I enjoyed learning this new skill in a caring and supportive environment"

                                                                                                                                           Sue, Birmingham

"Thank you for sharing your love of Reiki with me.  It's really helped and I'm sure I'll get plenty of use from it in the future."

Jo, Birmingham

Read more feedback from people who have learned Reiki with me.

Deciding to learn Reiki can be a big step and you may have many questions.  Please feel free to contact me to ask those questions whether by email (click here) or by phone 01584 890 284.

If you feel you would like to book for the course please click here for details of forthcoming courses