Is This You?

As someone who has learned Reiki do any of these sound familiar?

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o You were full of enthusiasm after your first Reiki course and eager to give Reiki to other people. But no-one among your family or friends was willing to receive it. Maybe they thought it was too weird, maybe they were too busy. So you lost heart and now you think you may have forgotten the hand positions.

o You were determined to treat yourself every day with Reiki, because you could see how much it would help you. But then you got busy, so you forgot to do it one day. You gave yourself a good telling off and… promptly forgot to do it the next day too. Then a couple of weeks passed and you realised that you haven’t given yourself Reiki for ages. Then you wonder if you remember how to do it right.

o You did lots of Reiki in the first few months after the course. You didn’t feel much, but told yourself that it was just a matter of practice, like your Reiki master said. But now you have been doing Reiki for a year and still don’t feel much, so you are feeling disheartened and wonder whether you really have Reiki – or in fact if you were kidding yourself when you went to the course. Universal Life Force? Healing in my hands? Blah!

o You have been doing Reiki on your family and friends and also treating yourself. In many ways you are a confident practitioner, but you are wondering whether you could actually take this a step further and make your living (or part of it) with Reiki. But you don’t know how to make that big step from treating people you know to treating strangers. How do you talk to them? Do you need to have insurance? What should you charge? There are so many questions you just give up and stay in the unfulfilling job you already have.

o You did the first Reiki course some while ago and it was wonderful. Now you have been practicing for a while, off and on, and you think it might be time to take it further. You have heard of the second course but don’t know much about it. There is just this feeling that there must be more…

o You did the first and second course in Reiki and now you are wondering about doing another course and maybe becoming a Reiki master. You feel that this would give you more confidence in your Reiki because doing another course will surely make the Reiki stronger.

o You enjoyed the Reiki course(s) but you’re really not that interested in giving Reiki to people. You have a great love for animals and would love to make your living helping them. But there wasn’t much about treating animals on the Reiki course you did and you don’t really know how to give a treatment to different animals. Like how would you treat a horse? They’re so big!

I am here to help you if you:

o Have just learned Reiki and need to build your confidence

o Have learned Reiki years ago and don’t practice much now, but would like to get back into it

o Have done one or more courses in Reiki and want to know how to practice with the public

o Have been practicing Reiki consistently for some time and would just like to know more, to have more opportunities to practice

o Have learned Reiki some time in the past and are finding yourself a bit lonely in your practice – you would like to get to know other people who do Reiki

o You are a committed and busy Reiki practitioner who is aware of the importance of taking care of yourself when taking care of others but who needs some support.

You will find something helpful for you here if you have the following values:

o You love Reiki – or at least recognise that it can be helpful in your life

o You are committed to personal growth

o You have a spiritual outlook on life

o You are keen to learn more about Reiki – and yourself

o You want to take better care of yourself through taking more responsibility for your well-being

o You want more from life

o You are open to change

o You like to have fun

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