How it Works

Reiki works on all parts of a person: body, mind, emotions and spirit. When you are looking for something that will support your Reiki practice and help you to be more confident, you also need to address these four aspects of yourself and your practice.


Reiki is healing energy - but the physical body matters - a lot - to bring the effect of this energy into the physical world.  How you place your hands, how you respond to the physical sensations you experience and (if you have Second Degree) how you draw the symbols in the air all make a difference to the effectiveness of your treatments.  The more you have clarity and confidence in the physical aspects of Reiki, the more you will have to offer the people you treat.


Your mind also plays an important part when giving Reiki.  You need to be able to think of the words to describe Reiki to other people and this means having a certain understanding of Reiki yourself.  There is also the question of what you think about during a treatment, what your intention is, how much you analyse what is happening, or just trust to Reiki, and also understanding the insights Reiki may offer you.  Having more clarity of mind is a benefit and also a goal that will enhance your practice and experience of Reiki.


Reiki often brings up emotions both for you and for those you treat.  Reiki can also help you to deal with the difficult emotions that can make Reiki practise hard, such as fear, guilt or lack of self esteem.  However Reiki is also (according to Dr Usui) "the method that summons happiness" - the goal of most people.  It can be a powerful tool to transform your life to one that is positive and joyful.  A good Reiki practitioner needs to have the emotional maturity and stability to be able to support others in their healing.


Many people describe their experience of Reiki as spiritual, referring to the sense of connection this practice brings - with other people and with the natural world around us.  These feelings need a context which is given by the form of Reiki practiced.  Often these spiritual experiences are outside our normal world view, so it can be difficult to feel comfortable about them.  But as you come to learn that others who practice Reiki have had similar things happen to them, you will gain trust in your own experiences and learn more from them.

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