The Gift of Reiki for Yourself

e-book by Kate Jones Reiki Master
Now also available as a printed copy, see below

This book is for people who have learned Reiki but do not use this wonderful gift and give themselves Reiki every day.  Those who do practice Reiki for themselves regularly and even people who have not yet learned Reiki may also find it interesting.  I hope to support and inspire you in establishing or maintaining a regular Reiki self treatment practice.

The book includes:

  • My own journey to establish a daily self treatment practice - which was not easy!

  • Answers to questions from students, drawn from those asked at my Gift of Self Treatment workshop

  • Feedback from students about their own experience of Reiki self treatment

  • A suggestion to take up the 21 day self treatment challenge

Here are a few comments I have received about it:

"I thoroughly enjoyed your book and found it encouraging, informative and very readable."  Gwenda Butt

"Did enjoy reading your book and started to self-treat" Kim Gibson

"I had intended to skim through it last night but ended up reading it from cover to cover - and will do so again, and probably yet again. I found it immensely calming." Liz Bates

"The ebook has been great - very informative and gives great guidance and encouragement... I think this would be the perfect time to embark on the 21 day challenge. I like the significance of the 21 days and the consolidation that this will bring. As well as the wonderful physical benefits, Reiki gives me really good insight in to situations"  Sarah Low

The cost is £5.50

If you would like a copy (which comes as a pdf download) please click on the Paypal button below.

If you have any difficulties or questions please contact me.

Some of my student said they would prefer a 'real book' so I had some printed.  If you would also prefer a printed version they are available here for £7.50.