Books For Your Reiki Journey

When I started teaching Reiki there were only about 4 books about Reiki published.  A recent check on Amazon shows almost 7,000 books with Reiki in the title.  This shows how much Reiki has grown in the past 20 years! 

However in Usui Shiki Ryoho, the tradition of Reiki I practice and teach, learning is passed on via the oral tradition. This means that learning is passed on through personal contact with a Reiki master and other students. We learn by listening to stories, watching and participating in treatments, having our own experience with Reiki treatments and perhaps discussing this with our master or other students. There is also teaching that is transmitted without words.

So when students ask me what books to read to learn more about Reiki , I discourage them from reading about Reiki, especially in the first months of practice. Phyllis Furumoto, lineage bearer of this Reiki system, has often said that what you learn from a book about Reiki is more about the author than about Reiki. It is important to learn to trust your own instincts and allow yourself to be guided by Reiki. Hawayo Takata would often say: “Let Reiki be your teacher” and I have found this to be good advice!

You may also find that the author of the book has a different approach to Reiki than that of the Reiki master you learn with, which can be confusing.

However there have been some books along my Reiki path that I would recommend to compliment and enhance your Reiki practice. A few are book about Reiki that record some of the oral tradition in the form of personal accounts of experiences and the history of Reiki as told by Hawayo Takata. Some are books that give insight into a particular aspect of Reiki practice.

Most of the books listed, however, are more about personal and spiritual development as this has been my particular area of interest, guided by Reiki. It is said that “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” and some of these books have come to my attention at just the right time, often through a Reiki connection.  Some explore the mysteries of human healing, some point towards greater spiritual awareness.

So if you are looking for further reading, whether to deepen your Reiki practice or to further your own personal and spiritual growth, here are some of the books on my bookshelf that you might also like to explore.

 Hawayo Takata's Story by Helen Haberly:
The first book I read about Reiki.  It contains some extracts from Takata's diaries that really inspired me as a new student - and still do!  There is also a telling of the Reiki history as Takata told it.

 Living Reiki: Takata's Teachings by Fran Brown:
The second book about Reiki I read.  Another telling of the Reiki history and more about Takata's wonderful life and teaching.

  Reiki and Medicine by Nancy Eos: This was another book I read early on and found it gave some inspiring stories of Reiki in a conventional medical setting.  As the daughter of a GP this was of particular interest to me.

 The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz: I am grateful to Phyllis for introducing me to this book.  I have found these simple guidelines a great help in life alongside the Reiki principles.  When I can remember them and follow them I find life much easier!  I also have the Four Agreement cards, which I use to guide my work some days.

 Your Body's Many Cries for Water by F. Batmanghelidj: A book that was mentioned to my by a Reiki friend and which I found compelling encouragement to drink more water - something Takata always recommended too.  After reading the book I started to drink more water and have found it has had a beneficial effect on my health together with Reiki of course!

 Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh: I was given a book by Thich Nhat Hanh in return for the very first Reiki treatment I gave after the class.  This led me to read other books by this lovely man and this is one of my favourites.

 Why People Don't Heal and How They Can by Caroline Myss: I am fascinated by the subject of human healing (and animals too, but that's another story) and particularly when healing appears to stop or be blocked.  This book gave me insights into how Reiki may be working when it appears that nothing is happening and how we can work with Reiki to help people move through the blocks to their healing.

 Excuses Be Gone by Wayne Dyer: Reiki has been a wonderful catalyst for change in my life, so that I am now living more consciously.  This book is really helpful in this process, helping me to see where I make excuses and so do not reach my full potential (still working with this one!).  This is one of may of Wayne Dyer's books that I have found helpful.

 Still Here by Ram Dass: I've listened to many recordings of teaching by Ram Dass through the years and was sorry to hear about his stroke.  However this book shows how this was also a gift and offers perhaps some comfort for those of us in the latter years of our lives!

 The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton: practising Reiki has shown me the important link between our thoughts and our health.  This book was recommended by Wayne Dyer, which is how I heard about it, and I have found it fascinating and useful.  It is written in a very accessible style by a scientist. 

  Emmanuel's Book A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos by Pat Rodegast: This book was lent to me after my father died and just before I learned Reiki  I found it a most comforting book, although I was a bit unsure about a book that was 'channelled'.  However the wisdom conveyed through Emmanuel's words have been important in my personal and spiritual growth. The teaching is simple: stay present, choose Love instead of Fear, keep it simple and be kind.  All common themes in spiritual teaching, this happens to be one that speaks to me.  I recommend the other books too. Ram Dass refers to Emmanuel as a friend of his!

  The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle: Given that I was already trying to live in the now following Emmanuel's advice, this book caught my attention and I found it very helpful during my own healing journey.  Much of what he says was confirming of what I had already discovered with the help of Reiki.