Articles Archive 2011

January 2011: History, Mystery and the Present - looking back and forwards as the New Year begins
February 2011: Self Treatment or Being Treated - which is better?
March 2011: Preparing to give a treatment
April 2011: Resilience - how I have found Reiki helps me to deal with difficult times
May 2011: Sweet Sleep - about my diagnosis of sleep apnoea and how improved sleep has made a difference to my life.
June 2011: Asking for Support - How a student asking for some support led to a new offering of help for students
July 2011: Encouragement - how the response of students to my appeal for writing about their experience of self treatment helped me feel encouraged when I felt like giving up!
August 2011: Spiritual Lineage- the difference between spiritual lineage and teaching lineage and its significance.
September 2011: Do you find it difficult to say no? - about the value of being able to say no in life and as a Reiki practitioner.
October 2011: Reiki for Depression? - about a study that showed how Reiki helped some patients with depression
November 2011: Simple is not the same as Easy - how Reiki practice has shown me the difference!
December 2011: Giving and Receiving - as we prepare for the Christmas festival some thoughts about giving and receiving gifts.

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