Articles Archice 2010

January 2010: Reflections and Anticipation - Reflecting on the year just past, looking forwards to the year that's just begun...
February 2010: An Act of Faith - Facing my fear to go and give Reiki to Phyllis.
March 2010: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway- More about the challenge of driving in the USA.
April 2010: Planting Seeds - Reporting on the re-growth of The Reiki Association
May 2010: A Boat In A Storm: Daily Self Reiki Treatmtents - how they help with the ups and downs of life.
June 2010: Count Your Blessings - The extra advice Mrs Takata gave to her students.
July 2010: Too tired to heal? - how some comments made by Dr Rosie Daniel about how people's energy levels affect their healing got me thinking...
August 2010: Trusting the Flow- How letting go opens the possibility of receiving in return
September 2010: Reiki: "The Secret Method for Inviting Happiness" - what did Dr Usui mean when he described Reiki in this way?
October 2010: I had no time to write an article in October, so shared some writing by someone else.  Click here to read Autobiography in Five Short Chapters
November 2010: Time to Pause - about the importance of pauses in our daily life and how Reiki helps
December 2010: Kindness - How an act of unkindness led me to think about the value of being kind

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