Articles Archive 2008

January 2008: Enjoy Your Gift To Yourself! - the healing in your own hands when you have learned Reiki
February 2008: Honouring Our Parents Teachers and Elders - especially when that is challenging!
March 2008: The Gift of Community - reflections after a visit to South Africa
April 2008: A Kind Word Can Mean So Much - Remembering the kindness of a friend who died.
May 2008: Farewell to an Old Friend - On the death of our cat Chi
June 2008: The Love of our Animals - Sharing Reiki with our pets
July 2008: Four Days of Reiki - Why four consecutive days of Reiki treatment are recommended
August 2008: A Peaceful Puncture - how having Reiki in your life can make a difference to those around you!
September 2008: The 21 Day Treatment Challenge - How daily self treatment can be challenging but worthwhile!
October 2008: The First Reiki Camp: A Lesson in Support - What happened when I badly sprained my ankle just as people were about to arrive for the first Reiki Camp I ran!
November 2008: The Four Aspects - Introduction to the Four Aspects of the system of Reiki I teach and practice.
December 2008: Count Your Blessings - How counting your blessings can help when life is tough.

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