Articles Archive 2007 

January 2007: Do you find January a tough month? - With a suggestion of how to make it better.
February 2007: Have those New Year Good Intentions started to waver? - How to keep going with those things you were going to do for yourself.
March 2007: Do you worry about getting there on time?
- How worry can make things worse!
April 2007: Just for today do not Anger?- With a hint about dealing with angry feelings
May 2007: Spring is Here - but are you feeling Depleted? - About the importance of resting!
June 2007: Receiving Is Also A Gift - About the importance of receiving as well as giving.
July 2007: A Lesson from a Flood - A metaphor for the Reiki healing process!
August 2007: "Faith is the bird that sings when it is still dark" - How Reiki can give us the confidence to take a leap of faith
September 2007: How do you explain Reiki to people?
October 2007: Dreams - How my dream to be a mime was shattered - yet came true in a different way.
November 2007: 16th Anniversary of My Initiation as a Master- reflections on what being a master has meant for me.
December 2007: Coming Home at Christmas with Reiki - How Reiki can give uis a greater sense of family

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