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"I just wanted to say thank you for the last year's newsletters. I so enjoy a different perspective on things and always take my time reading them. I wonder sometimes if you feel your letter is sent out into the wilderness and never know what becomes of it, well I love it and look forward to another year too. (January 2013)"

"Sometimes your wonderful news letters touch the deepest part of my soul. I am moved to tears reading this - how beautiful!!  It is speaking to me in many ways, on different levels." [about the article 'Dreams' October 2007]
"I enjoy reading every one and appreciate the timing of their arrival and their appropriateness! This may well sound greedy BUT Please do continue next year as they are a wonderful gift to me and I am sure all the other recipients, thank you so much."

"Thank you for a year of "Reiki Newsletters". Always, there is something in them that I find interesting / comforting / thought provoking / encouraging / etc. and I'm most grateful to you - particularly in view of the fact they're F.O.C. and I'm not even one of your students!

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