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 Reiki can also be of great benefit

for your  animals.

When the animals we care about are sick or distressed it can have a great effect on our own well-being - and when they are well and happy, they have the potential to bring a great deal of joy to our lives.  To be able to offer them Reiki when they need it can be wonderful.

 Just as people need to give their permission to receive Reiki, it is up to the animal whether they wish to receive it, but most are quite receptive. 

It is recommended that any animal that is injured or unwell should be seen by a vet first, but then Reiki can be offered.

Different Animals can react to Reiki differently

Horses usually find Reiki very relaxing and it helps them to develop their trust in people, so if you are having problems with your horse, learning Reiki might help.  Cats know a comfortable thing when they find it and most of them love Reiki.  Dogs are often indifferent to Reiki unless they have a problem and tend to be more open to it as they grow older.  If you have an older animal you can help to ease any discomfort it may have if you can give it Reiki. 

Reiki can also be offered to animals via distant treatment.  Here is what one client wrote:

"Chess (our 14 year old cat) fell awkwardly having failed to make a clean jump onto the windowsill. The Xray showed a suspected fracture of the knee joint, dislocated patella and a lot of ligament damage. Knowing Kate's reputation and work I contacted her for a distant Reiki treatment for Chess. The following day (just 18 hours after the accident) the vet was amazed at her improvement, the swelling had reduced and the muscles had contracted holding the disclocation, which was incredibly stable. No talk of further Xrays or surgery. A week later the vet was unable to subluxate the patella. Kate did a follow up distant treatment. Although the vet treated Chess with anti-inflammatories I am convinced that Kate's treatment contributed hugely to such a quick turnaround in Chess' condition. I will not hesitate to contact Kate again should the need arise".

Deborah Berry, Ludlow.


 I have treated a variety of animals,

 but have a particular love of horses.

Photo by James French

If you would like some help with your horse but do not want to learn Reiki yourself, I can offer treatments.  I worked with a wonderful but troubled stallion over the period of 2 years and it was lovely to see him blossom and find his pride in himself again.  He also began winning lots of prizes!  I can offer home (stable) visits within a 30 mile radius of Ludlow.  Travel expenses would be payable in addition to the consultation fee.

Other animals I have helped with Reiki to include: tortoises, goldfish, rabbits, sheep and once a slow worm!

Animal Communication

My interest in helping animals to heal has led me to train as an animal communicator.  Reiki has also helped me to develop my intuition and empathy, which are important skills for communicating with animals.  In human language, words express a feeling, sensation or image in our minds. It is the same for animals - except that they do not have human language with which to communicate to us. Through a simple mental process I am able to pick up on these feelings and thoughts and interpret them into human language.

Helping the human to understand what the animal is thinking and feeling can often be healing enough in itself. Sometimes the animal also needs to understand the human perspective to feel better. With the addition of Reiki even difficult behaviour or health issues can sometimes be resolved.

A success Story

Here is an example of how I was able to help a troubled dog, in his owner's own words:

Having a rescue dog is never easy and, whilst the numerous training interventions and strategies that we had tried had improved his behaviour quite considerably, our 7 year old Collie X, Monty was still a fretful and confused little man. Whilst we had an idea about some of the things that had happened to him in his previous life, a lot of it had been guess work based on how Monty responded to certain people and situations. Kate was able to give us much greater clarity about his previous home, the relationship he had had with his previous owners and, most importantly, the impact that this was all still having on him. In less than an hour, the conversations we had between Monty and myself, with Kate acting as 'interpreter' were very enlightening. It has helped us so much. Monty's whole demeanour has altered and he is a visibly much more relaxed and happier dog as a result of the animal communication session with Kate. Kate has a great skill not only for communicating with animals, but also with people; she articulates her discoveries extremely well and remains completely objective and non-judgemental when giving and receiving information. This combined with Kate's compassionate nature and love of animals makes her perfect for this type of work.
Karen, Ludlow

You can read more about how I offer animal communication by clicking here.

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